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Carrying Mountains

wednesdays with wayne Jul 14, 2021

It’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed, especially now. 

We’ve all been through a lot. 

We pack things into each day, we push to do that bit more, and it feels like we’re never done. There’s always that bit more to do.


There will always be that bit more to do. We carry with us the weight of that which we have left undone, and it feels like we’re carrying mountains with us. 


We’re carrying the mountains.


We forgot this one truth:

The mountains were meant to be climbed, not carried.


Look at your day, what you’ve put into it, what you planned to do, what you actually did. Your calendar… is it aligned with your activities? 

Another truth:

Your activities highlight your priorities.


If you’re putting things into your day that aren’t helping you to climb the mountain, if you’re not actually doing the things that you declared were important to you, then of course it’ll feel like you’re carrying vs. climbing.


This is a gentle reminder to evaluate your day, your week, and beyond. What are you focused on? Do the activities in your day align with your True ideal? Maybe it’s time to reset. What you do now affects your life in the months ahead. Reset. Refocus. Ready yourself. Now climb, don’t carry.


You’ve got this.


Keep Making Your Magic!


= Wayne =


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