Bringing Your Happy

wednesdays with wayne Sep 19, 2018

Last week, some of you responded to my Wednesdays With Wayne by honoring me and telling me how much my writing meant.  Each note, each parade (or GIF of such), made me smile! Thank you!

Since then, I’ve had a few people comment on my ability to bounce into a room, smiling.  I almost always wake up that way. When I don’t (because we all carry stress sometimes), my work is to find my way back.  In general, I really AM happy.


How is it that anyone can choose joy?

Can you?  Even in the midst of that “stuff” that gets in the way of your day, how can you bring your happy?  I’m calling it that because someone told me that’s what I was doing, “wow, you’re really bringing your happy today!”

I don’t wait for it to land on me or to be inspired into happiness.

I remember all that I can do in the day.  I have language shifts that I use to prompt me (from “have to” I think about “get to”) and I think about the things for which I’m grateful.

Sometimes it’s the small stuff.  Sometimes, it’s the big, mission-driven stuff.  I’m here to teach, touch, and transform the lives of others so they may live a life more fulfilled.  That’s what I do and, I guess deep down, that’s who I am.  

I’m happy to know that I can inspire others.

I’m happy to know that I can live in a Love-space.

And that doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to all of the other poop out there.  There’s bad stuff out there. There are hurricanes, there’s violence, there’s hunger.  The ability to cultivate happiness and a Love-energy will do more good to serve others than would bringing the energy of dread and worry.  

Your ability to cultivate happiness and a Love-energy will do more good for your family, your team members, and your clients than will any other energy.  

I guess the challenge I have for you as a leader – a thought-leader, because people ARE watching you – is to contribute to the greater good by bringing your happy.  Again, it’s not that you’d ignore the stuff that isn’t great.  We lose people we love. We face challenges. We want things to be better in the world.  

What energy can you bring to the world so that you “infect” others in a way that affects them at a deeper level?  

Yes, when I’m deep into a serious discussion with a client and doing laser-coaching, I’m fully engaged.  My mood changes and I can get intense. And you get a little intense, too. I know. Through it all, are you happy?

Can you choose to be?

Yes.  It takes practice to remind yourself of who you are.  At your core, choose. Today, I’m happy! Today, I’m curious.  Today, I serve. I get to be or do that.

And you do too.


Then watch the impact – the positive impact – you’ve had on those around you.

Bring your happy.

And… keep making your magic™!

The world needs more of that!

See you here next week!

~ Dr P ~


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