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Happy New Year! (Yes, NOW)

wednesdays with wayne Sep 30, 2020

Yesterday was my birthday. (Thank you… thank you…) That makes it my New Year. And, for you, tomorrow starts Q4 of 2020. The year is not over.  I know you are painfully aware of that. The good news is that you’ve found a pace that actually works for you. You found out that you’re resilient in ways you didn’t know you could or would be. And, you recognize that even with everything falling down around you, you’re strong and you still have choice.


That is the magic you bring to the world: your strength, your resilience, your courage to face another day of unknows. And that’s your story.  Unique and powerful.


You might be asking where the Happy New Year stuff comes in. Two places, actually!

First, I use birthdays to do a personal inventory. It’s my personal New Year. So I look back at what goals I had. I reflect on my journey over this year. I look at what I did and what I didn’t do. And I look at whether my goals have changed.



Your goals change. Let them.

The journey changes you, so of course what you value for your future changes.


I have goals for my health, wealth, and wisdom. That is, my goals cover body, mind, spirit, social, financial, and recreational. I have people I want to connect with and places I’d like to travel. I have a clear target for my weight and for my bank account. I have books to read. And for the most part, though 2020 tried to shake things up, I used it to retool and gain more clarity.


I used this year to get clearer about my direction, to shift the ways that I connect with people, and to move my business like it hasn’t before. I’ve been on television almost every week and without having to travel to studios, I’ve saved a ton on travel expenses and even more on personal wear and tear. Next month, I’ll be on Season 2 of Amazon Prime Television Series “SpeakUp,” and I’ll be taking the TEDx stage.  


Bigger stages are coming my way and larger ways to impact the world are opening. I’m connecting with more people in the corporate world who want to grow themselves and their teams and the virtual path is a good one for that.


So, my last year was pretty darn good.

This coming year looks amazing.


And that leads me to this for YOU – 

With three months left in the year, as Quarter 4 awaits, how will you fill it?

Are you ready to make the difference you know you can make? Are you ready to step in and step up to your next big next? Do you know what that is?

Have you dared to dream about what you might truly treasure over these next three months?


Magic is about to happen. 

Prepare to be amazed. 


What’s even better is that you’re in control of it. 

Three months until the calendar says we’re in a New Year. I call it NOW. Let’s go! Your new quarter is my New Year. 


Get a vision.

Get a plan.

Get some discipline to do what you need to do every day.


Let’s go! You’ve got this.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help.


~ Dr P ~

I have to let you know that the Powerful Presence™ Program is opening its doors and available to you. If you want to get in on three months of Friday one-hour video-calls with me and a great group of like-minded people who know that by showing up just a little differently in the world that their lives are changing, you can get all the information here.

Your life will be different as we enter 2021.

Are you ready to make that happen? 

Want to do it with accountability and support in a structured learning format?

We’re on in November! Get in here.


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