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Back In Control

wednesdays with wayne Mar 25, 2020

Besides being my wife’s birthday (happy birthday, Shannon!), today is a GREAT day to remind yourself about the choices you have.  

This mysterious disease seems to have inundated our planet; our freedoms as we knew them have been impinged upon, at least temporarily.  Being house-bound and socially distancing has created a new norm. This is a passing new norm.  In order to stay grounded, we need to remember the things we have control over.

I was able to share these tips on WGN9 Chicago, WCIU Chicago, and Fox Denver – 


  • We used to focus on times to put tech down.  Now, during social distancing and isolation it’s time to make use of it as a great tool.  Reach out. Set times to break from your tech, and certainly use it to reach out and stay connected, face-to-face.
  • Ask how you can help someone.  Being of help puts you in a position to feel good.  There are numerous studies citing the reciprocal benefits of giving.  When you give, you gain. Don’t do it for that reason; rather to connect, human-to-human.
  • Normalize by talking about your concerns.  Remember that listening does more good that talking.  Be the ear for others and be the voice of reason and calm.  
  • Get around to self-care!  You know that stuff you’ve been putting off?  Yeah… take a walk. Take a bubble bath. Start that journal.  Clear that pantry.  


In addition to those tips, beware of habits you’re starting now.  

This is the new, yet temporary, normal.  Remember that it takes 21 days to lay down a habit and 66 days before that habit is ingrained as your personal norm.  Be sure that you are building healthy habits of sleeping, eating, exercising, dressing, and working. Stay in balance.

Just because something was imposed on us doesn’t mean that we’ve lost our greatest freedom:  the freedom of choice. We still have a lot to make choices about.  

You are still in control of how you react, how you show up, and how you choose to live during the day.

Now is a GREAT time to step up 

and live into being the best YOU possible.

Read that last line again.  

Right now, decide on one small change you can make for the better today.  

You’re still in control.  You’ve got this.

Big (virtual) hugs to you!

~ Dr P ~

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