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wednesdays with wayne Jul 27, 2022

Sorry I’m late, let’s get started.

Sorry I, uh, have a little cough here. I’ve just gotten over a cold.

Hey, yeah, the reports didn’t get sent out to you, but uh, we can go over the material anyway.




Thanks for your patience, there’s a lot to cover, let’s get started.


The other two statements don’t belong.


If you’re running the show, and you are – whether at home or in your department or as a solopreneur – it’s YOU right now. Show up.


When was the last time you heard someone being truly apologetic and you said to yourself, “Yeah, that’s the person I’m going to follow!”


We want leaders who can show up unapologetically unless they’ve made an egregious misstep and then we want the apology and correction. “I was wrong, this is the new direction we’re heading.” 


We want to know that the person in front of us believes in themselves more than we believe in them. We don’t follow leaders who are asking permission to lead.


And, as leaders, we don’t need to be perfect.

Right now, I’m at the tail end of some virus that attached to me. My nose runs, my voice squeaks, and otherwise, I sound like Barry White. I’ll continue to be in front of people and what I won’t do is apologize for any of it. My body is doing exactly what it needs to do to get better. If that means that my vocal cords are affected, so be it. This is what I sound like today.


Got toothpaste on your shirt from this morning? Okay.

Shoes a little scuffed? That’s fine.


Do we all like someone who is put together and polished? Sure.

Can we each forgive the person who might be human and show a flaw or two? I’d hope so.


Essentially, this is a note of permission.

People get nervous speaking in front of others, leading, or guiding, because they impose external judgement that just isn’t there.


Your message is more important than you are. Let your voice be heard. Let yourself be seen.


And show up in your life in a way that’s meaningful to you. That’s how you become a leader that can be trusted. When you show up authentically, unapologetically, aligned with who you are.


Need help and want to uplevel that? There are lots of resources for you. And this one might just be a great fit. Check this out!


Keep at it. You’ve got this.

Stay curious and keep making your magic!


See you here next week!


= Wayne =


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