And Then One Day

wednesdays with wayne Jul 18, 2018

And then one day, they called you “doctor.”
And then one day back in middle school, your legs got longer.
And then one day all of a sudden, fame hit.
And then one day, the contract came through.

What are you working on, right now, that seems to be taking forever to get through?  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne we’re looking at all that went into creating that sense of One Day, that shift from what was to what is.  

You know that your path isn’t one of “poof, one day this magic all happened.”  The evidence of the magic in your life today is the hard work you’ve been putting in for years.  The songwriter who suddenly “made it” didn’t pick up a guitar the previous day. She worked at it for years.  

And personally, my first book didn’t take me just a year and a half to write.  Nope, it took closer to fifty years to write.

No one sees the work that goes into the daily practice.  No one sees that the struggle you’re in now is what will bear fruit in the next year, or two, or ten.  You might not even see that. But it’s worth it if you believe in it.

Two things here:

  1. That “one day” moment of recognition that something has changed usually takes a long time.  No one sees the changes that happen on a moment-to-moment basis over the course of years.
  2. That time you’re taking to develop you is worth it if the outcome matters to just one person – YOU.  

My wife is getting her Master’s in U.S. History.  Why? Because it’s important to one person – it matters to her, and I support that!

I’ve been working on bringing all kinds of programs your way (books, online courses, and even a retreat where you’d spend a couple of days with me and other like-minded people working on YOU).  Why, because personal and professional development matters to me.

The efforts of work I’ve put into this cannot be seen on a daily basis.  They can, however, be seen when a new book or course or retreat becomes available.  And then it’s like, “poof! I just created a _______.”

  1. But I didn’t JUST create it.  My efforts and output are a work in progress.  
  2. It matters to me.

And so is it with the work you’re putting into yourself right now.

Make sure that you are being deliberate about what you’re working on (YOU) and certainly, make sure that what you’re doing matters to you.

Then, in a little while, people will look at you and remark that it was just one day that you created a ______________.

That’s the magic.

Yep, keep doing that.

Keep making your magic™.

~ Dr P ~

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