A Key Strategy to Stay Focused

wednesdays with wayne Jan 20, 2021

Here we go! We’re into the third week in January and the news is all abuzz with stuff designed to polarize you and, really, paralyze you. Some of it is inspiring, some of it is depressing.

And it’s all distracting.


You set out on a path at the end of last year. You made no new resolutions this year, but deep in the back of your mind you were setting up hopes for what would happen. And by now, you’ve started to waver.


This one is short and sweet.


It’s really easy to get distracted, especially now. 




Review what you said you wanted to accomplish.

Go ahead, it’s time to dream big… really big. So if you didn’t have a big goal, you have permission to take one on. And if you did have a really big goal, you have a little nudge here to get back on track.


Think about your goal.

Get super specific about the outcome (what does it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, or sound like?).

Plan your first three steps. What are the first three steps you need to take? Write them down.


Now, set a date for each of those steps.

First, second, and third. Modify the dates so that you can do them and not give excuses.



That’s the key strategy to stay focused:

  1. Set a big goal
  2. Write out the action steps to take on, but only the first three action steps.
  3. Put dates next to them to do. Make sure they’re doable by the due dates.


And, take action on step one!


That’s how you start getting stuff done!

The thing is, that sounds easy, right?  Common sense is not common practice. You read this but didn’t do it. Get focused and get some stuff done!


~ Dr P ~

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