The Art of Significance Over Influence

wednesday's with wayne Aug 26, 2020

In my #1 Best Selling Book, The Significance Factor, the reader gets to journey through an assessment of personal values, the way one leads, and what makes for success. 


The assessment of personal success is often a moving target.

What you thought would make you a success 20 years ago seems like such a meager objective now. We, therefore, need to look to our future. 


Think about a time that you wanted to be noticed for the work you did, the thoughts you had, or the thing you created. Getting a virtual parade and “likes” is great! It feels good. And, it’s a way to measure how far your message is moving. The thing is, for some, the “likes” become the objective. Influencers often seek likes as a measure of success.


For me, success can be measured not by what you’ve gained, but by what you’ve given. Not by how many likes you’ve gotten, but by how many lives you’ve lifted.


My aim is to move from being an influencer, through the stages of success, to land firmly in the role of outfluencer.


An #Outfluencer is someone who deliberately, actively, positively lifts the lives of others.


I wanted to land you back into thinking about that. Especially as so much has happened over these past six months. How can you become an Outfluencer and deliberately, actively, positively impact the life of another, just one other, today?


The ripple effects are significant. 

Moving from influence to outfluence creates significance.





See you here next week!


~ Dr P ~


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