Dang, That Baby is Ugly!

wednesday's with wayne Aug 12, 2020

The Language Of Leadership is direct and uplifting. 

Organization development starts at the top.


“Well, that’s one ugly baby!”  

You would never say that. You may or may not think it, depending on your relationship to the baby or its parents. And again, you certainly wouldn’t blurt that out.


So what happens that personally affrontive language is leaked out across our organizations? In the three and a half decades that I’ve worked with leaders across countless organizations, I have heard thoughtless remarks too numerous to count:

“Are you stupid?”

“This report is the worst I’ve seen!”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Why can’t you just do your *&%$#!* job?”

“What ARE you wearing?”

“What WERE you thinking??”


Worse than hearing this in the workplace, people say this kind of stuff to their kids.


Reading this here, you may be shaking your head in disbelief. This is terrible. No one should talk to anyone else that way.


That’s right. 


Quick check in – have you ever let that kind of language sneak into your own thoughts about yourself? “I’m too fat/ugly/poor/etc.” That kind of language isn’t something a leader would say to inspire.  It’s degrading.


Start with yourself and your self-talk. 

What language do you use? What language COULD you use if you wanted to inspire?


And at home – What language do you use?

What language COULD you use if you wanted to inspire and motivate?


And at work – even if the report is late, even if the person looks lazy, even if…

What language COULD you use if you wanted to inspire and motivate.


The language you use both subconsciously and consciously influences the outcomes you get.

Whether you are looking in a mirror, speaking with a family member, or engaging a team member at work, choose the language of inspiration.


That doesn’t mean to ignore the outcomes you wanted. If there’s a “miss,” feel free to note it. Just recognize that gap analysis is neutral. 

“I expected (we agreed on) xyz outcome. This doesn’t meet that expectation/agreement and needs to be fixed.”


That’s neutral and it implies an action is necessary. Not an apology and certainly not taking on the title of bad, lazy, stupid, or ugly. 


Lifting yourself and others via your leadership #StartsWithOne… you!

Engage deliberately, actively, and positively to uplift the other. 


While the journey to excellence isn’t pretty, embrace it!


You’ll get better engagement when the positive is personal and the negative goes neutral.


Rock your day!


See you here next week!


~ Dr P ~

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