5 Tips for Happiness In The Midst Of Chaos

wednesdays with wayne Aug 14, 2019

I was just on ABC TV #ABC15 in Phoenix talking about happiness. Now, more than ever, we need to find that grounded place within us that lets us know it’s going to be okay!  With the storm of “stuff” we face every day, how can anyone be happy?  Have you seen the news?  

There are a lot of tugs on our emotions.  There are a lot of reasons to feel upset. And, you’re allowed to feel anything you wish.  No one is saying that you need to be jolly in the face of terrible upset. In fact, being human is so essential.  And having empathy as a human is so wonderfully double edged, isn’t it?  

But feeling bad doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t serve the people around you.  No amount of your feeling bad will help someone else who is in pain.  

Think about that.  Empathy is essential.  Understanding another human’s emotion has been highly correlated with success in life.  And, if you live in that place you have crossed from Empathy (feeling for) to Sympathy (feeling with).   Feel, understand, and get to a place of peace and even happiness for and with yourself.  It’s only by bringing your light that you can help another.  

For this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, here are five quick tips that can help you feel better right NOW:

  1. Check Your Posture – most of us slouch during the day.  We hunch and slouch at our computers, at our desks, and as we look at our phones.  That compresses our lungs and we’re not fully oxygenating. Check your posture so you can get a full breath!  Then, take a breath!

  2. Smile – not a fake smile, but a smile you’d give to a loved one or even a stranger you were talking to – the postal service people or the check-out clerk at the grocery store.  Smile like you’re trying to get someone else to smile. Your internal physiology will change to reflect what you are telling it. You need to be really aware of what you’re telling it to do.  Soften your eyes, relax a little, and smile like you just saw an old friend. Just feel that for a moment.  (Clue: If you can access that feeling once, you can get there again.  Live in that space more and more.)

  3. Look Up!  It’s really hard to look at your shoes and say, “I feel great” in order to feel great.  Try it. Look down and say, “I feel great.”  

    Now, look up.  As you’re looking up (to where the wall meets the ceiling or to the tree line), say, “I feel great” and notice the difference.  Things are looking up is an expression of positivity.  You could be the one looking up!

  4. Reset-Reset your thoughts!  I did a whole blog post on this one several months ago.  You wouldn’t want a bully talking to you about your appearance or about your capabilities. Why would you let your inner voice tell you that you’re fat or you’re just not cutting it on that one project?  We ALL have flaws. Perfection is in the flaws. Find something that you feel good about. Focus there. When the negative thoughts come in, and they do, just say “reset-reset” out loud and find a positive thing to say to yourself.

  5. Find Gratitude For The Little Things – It’s easy to be grateful for the big stuff that you have (a house, a car, etc.), when was the last time you were truly grateful for that electronic thing you’re reading this on?  What about the chair you’re sitting on? It’s that stuff, you know? Last week’s blog was about awareness. Become aware of the air flow in your room. Then notice the other small items around you. Notice the sounds and the smells.  Yep, you can be grateful for those, too.

Put those five together and you will elicit happiness.  

Here’s the pay off - When you bring that feeling of peace and happiness about in yourself, you can trigger it in others.  

And THAT, my friends, is what the world needs more of right now.  Not to ignore the pain in the world; rather to find empathy and know that you can’t help someone else by feeling badly.  You can only help when you’re in a space to bring your best self. Be more of that.

You can see the recent ABC News interview, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_BoLIlUTLg&t=4s 

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