Your Influential Power (Oh Yes, You Do)

wednesdays with wayne Sep 22, 2021

Just own it. 

Really. You don’t need permission anymore. You have influential power. 


You may not think so, or maybe it doesn’t seem so all the time. And yet, if you’re human and in society, there’s a good chance people are noticing you. And because they are, you have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.


You don’t even need to directly interact with them. Just be the model of the person you hope to be! 


Are you smiling?

Practice doing that more.


Are you engaging and deliberately, actively, positively® lifting them in some way?

Practice doing that more.


Do you make eye contact?

Practice doing that more!


When I talk about being deliberately, positively, actively® uplifting, I’m saying that each of those adjectives matters.


During your day, are you deliberate?

Are you actively engaging?

And when you engage, are you positive? My mom taught me to leave a place better than I found it and I extrapolate that to people. I want the people I meet to be better off than when I first encountered them. Every… single… time!!!


Practice that.


As a role model for positive change in the world, you make a difference one person at a time. That starts with you. Again, deliberately, actively, positively.


And when you do that, it’s truly M-A-G-I-C!!!


You’ve served to inspire!


M – Mindset

A – Accountability

G – Gratitude

I – Inspirational

C – (stay tuned for next week’s Wednesdays With Wayne and if you missed any of the previous ones, go back to take a look!) 


Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 

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