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What An Aglet Can Teach You

wednesdays with wayne Sep 15, 2021

You know that plastic bit at the end of a shoelace? Without that aglet, yes, it has a name, without it, your shoelace would fray. Over time, your shoelaces would turn to strands of broken threads. 


Aren’t you glad it’s there?


There are so many small things that work for you in the world. In fact, if you looked at all of the small things that are working for you, you’d see that even the struggles you’re having aren’t so big. The struggles make you stronger. They force you to think differently.


Now if you choose to turn the struggles into something that you’re worrying about, you’ve moved from struggling to suffering. Believe it or not, that is a choice. Suffering is a choice. Worrying is a choice. How you process the world around you is a choice!


In my blog from a couple of weeks ago, I talked about mindset. It really does affect everything. 



If you can think about how happy you are to have the things around you that you have, your mindset shifts. The aglet on your shoelace, the eraser on your pencil, the papers on your desk – yes, even those – can be a thing for which to be grateful. You got to a position of needing to manage some high-level things in your life. You have a desk! 


You have critical thinking ability.

You have choice.


And you have a lot for which to be grateful.


Mindset – it affects everything

Accountability – if not you, then whom?

Gratitude – you know, it’s the small things.



(see where we’re heading??)


It really IS the small stuff. When you can be grateful for the small things in your life, having – and showing – gratitude for the big things becomes so much easier. The people that are familiar with some of my habits know that I begin each morning by opening my eyes, smiling, and when I put my feet on the floor (sometimes even before that), I’ll say these two words out loud: thank you!  


I start my day with gratitude and a smile. And guess what! The entire rest of the day goes so much better. I’m in my happy place all day. I get to serve greatly and I’m grateful to do so.


Quick questions (a nudge of inspiration):

  • What can you be grateful for right now?
  • How do you start your mornings?
  • What would happen if you started each day with gratitude and a smile?


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With so much gratitude for you!

Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 


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