Interview with Ravi Iyer

So an MD with ADHD walks into… actually, what happens is that the gentleman creates so much presence that time flies and people feel connected.

How? Breathing into presence, breathing out ego.

Dr Iyer is based in Virginia (via India). He’s writing a new book about neurodiversity, autism, and sensory processing disorders which he refers to as types of personality, not disorders.

He also wrote a book called The Reaper’s Dance about how we found our humanity in the midst of the COVID pandemic, coming face-to-face with our own mortality. He calls that time “a phenomenal global experiment.”

Influenced by Brunton’s Search In Secret books, Ravi found comfort in some to the breathing exercises that helped quiet his mind AND open him to non-judgmental experience. He found his path to NOW.

That is, staying in The Now. Consciousness consists of our ability to perceive experience and our ability to create a narrative about the experience. True personal power comes from choosing which narrative to pay attention to.

Grounding comes from watching The Tide Of Your Breath - take note of the deepest place in your chest for the inhale and note about where your breath extends in the exhale. Practice that and see how your focus sharpens. The ability to get grounded is foundational to success.

Find Dr. Ravi Iyer, his book(s), and other resources at


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