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Interview with Braith Bamkin

Braith Bamkin is an expert at making connections. On today’s episode we discuss Intention, Purpose, and Connection.

He highlights a couple of key questions for growing your business: Who do you want to do business with, and why?

We talked about so much on this quick hour, some of the key take-aways were:
      •   Care enough to help others first
                   ○   Doing so engages the law of reciprocity (but don’t do something in order to get back - that
                        just means you’re coming from a place of taking, not giving)
      •   If you want to feel better about yourself, do something nice for someone else.
      •   Being “busy” shuts down opportunity
      •   Set a “calling hour” on your calendar; open your contacts, scroll, and call. Reach out with no                      agenda!
      •   When you’re clear about your avatar, who you’d like to do business with, it makes calling easier.           •   Connection happens when you’re living in your purpose, have intention, and come from a place of             personal values.
      •   Analysis paralysis happens when people are trying to decide the “right” course of action. (Hint: just            take a step and course correct from there.)
      •   If you’re feeling “off” from your business, write a love letter to it. That’ll land you in gratitude and                you’ll feel better all around.

Find Braith at www.BraithBamkin.com.au and on all social sites.

Podcaster’s note: During this podcast which was recorded in August of 2023, we mention the fires in Hawaii and reflect briefly on other disasters.
The devastation that resulted from the fires in Hawaii turned out to be one of the state’s worst disasters (if not the worst recorded disaster) and our hearts go out to those affected. Though a very brief portion of the conversation, we want to honor those who bravely fought the fires and offer condolences for those who lost so much.


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