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Interview with Adam Hart

From ADD and Sugar Addiction to Rock Climbing, Parenting, and Holistic Wellness, today we welcome Adam Hart who addresses Nervous System Regulation.

Nothing in this podcast is intended as medical or other professional advice. Please see a medical professional for your specific situation and symptom management.

In this episode you’ll hear about anxiety that developed from an emotionally absent father. The question of worthiness crops up (as it does for most people) and Adam offers a simple solution as an exercise to try. Breathing!

Adam found that a certain breath routine allowed him to control his nervous responses to rock climbing. And the side benefit of that was not being emotionally hijacked as a parent.

Listen in as he talks about the idea of Co-Regulating the Experience (for a child or anyone who is in a super-stressed state).

Here’s his methodology for regulation through breath, and he says it takes just 33 seconds three times a day: Breathe in through your nose to the count of four; breathe out through your mouth to the count of seven.

This formula has been around for ages, and Adam puts his own spin on it.

He invites you to join him in his Heart Flow Breath Practice at www.ClearImpact.io
Watch how this helps you connect you to presence, true presence. You then become a conscious human being holding space for coregulation of another.

Be sure to go to www.ClearImpact.io
And reach out to Adam at [email protected]


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