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Interview with Tim Shurr

Tim Shurr helps uplevel people from their old ways of thinking to a higher quality of life by noting that you’re just One Belief Away from having the life that you want.

Tactical Strategies for changing your life are truly just One Belief Away. (By the way, that’s the name of the book he co-authored with Joe Vitale. I just ordered it myself.)

We discussed Tim’s upbringing and how that affected him. His response, “yes, we turn our messes into our message.”

Big T and little t traumas.
Little t are those like being embarrassed.
Big T are those like a major loss, huge health issue, or violence.

Stories develop from both and the world seems unsafe. Our response to those stories, how we gave meaning to an incident, is what gets anchored.

Began studying hypnosis; recognized that your mind can create barriers while the subconscious is running the show to keep you “safe.” Tim quotes some great authors and notes how the mind works by having made judgements based on limited information.

The quality of your beliefs and the questions you ask yourself determines the quality of your life! Think about what your subconscious does to give you the answers to these:
      •   How could I have been so stupid?
      •   How did I get this lucky?

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