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Interview with Keagen Hadley

Keagen Hadley is a doctor of Occupational Therapy and psychiatric clinical researcher specializing in acceptance and commitment therapy and the holistic care of joint injuries. Keagen notes that his role is to bridge the gap between the physical and psychological, as most people only focus on one or the other.

He follows a path that’s similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). His is Acceptance And Commitment Therapy, the basics of which are to use your experience as basis for learning and then committing to changing what’s not working.

Six pillars to consider:
         •   Diffusion - separating your thoughts from your self, as a person
         •   Acceptance - the understanding that life has ups and downs and you’ll get to experience them.              •   How you choose to interpret them matters.
         •   Mindfulness - a reminder that living in the moment, every moment, matters
         •   Using your Self as a context = looking at what mask you choose to wear for a public role vs. the
             true you that you are
         •   Taking Purposeful Action - Life is grand and plans are good, but you have to move from where
              you are to make anything happen
         •   Values - Goals need to be tied to values.
This last one is particularly important to me. In my Exponential Success Summit, we dive into the need for getting super clear about your Values first, then being able to set your goals from there.

Tips for mindfulness: No one on One Sharp Sword is prescribing activity or remedy. If you need assistance consult a medical/psychological professional. Keagen discussed a methodology called progressive overload wherein you give your body something it’s not used to for a short duration of time, then come back and incrementally increase the exposure, whether that’s an ice bath or lifting weights at a certain level. He suggests paying attention to your thoughts as you increase the time you give yourself to engage in the activity.

For more information look for The ACL Therapist
Go to www.TheACLTherapist.com
And look for Keagen’s book, TORN: Overcoming the Psychological Challenges Post ACL Injury


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