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Interview with Liss Kirby

Melissa “Liss” Kirby has been changing lives as a management consultant for the past thirteen years. Based in Melbourne, she consults internationally and is tied to Q5Partners, located in the UK.

With a background in business, psychology, and political science, Liss began paid internships at some major organizations. Now, several years later, she runs the Melbourne extension of q5partners.

Trust and Being Entrusted were key threads of our conversation. As a management consultant, you’re an entrusted advisor. She notes that the “wins” gained in this position aren’t about her; “...you’re always a back-up singer.”

Organizational health begins by defining why you exist - what’s your Purpose? I love this question as a place to start because it’s the essence of the existential dilemma for every individual. As an individual, it’s hard to know until you’re really living your life in Flow. As an organization, it needs to be defined.

Liss asks leaders two key questions:
     •   How do decisions get made?
     •  What happens in a crisis?

Though leadership and organization focused, these concepts can relate to each person, as an individual, as well as couples and families.

Then, Q5 looks at:
     •  Purpose and Strategy
     •  Organization Design
     •  Development and Culture - an area that I personally think is fundamentally vital
     •  Transformation and Change

Liss offers us insight into culture shift and how it is to be co-designed and not dictated.

Contact her at [email protected]
And check out www.Q5Partners.com


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