Interview with Phillip Drake

I’ve never done anything political on my show. But this is One Sharp Sword - cutting through to what matters most. So when I was introduced to a man who has been a U.S. Gov’t contractor (which he admits is a euphemism for spy) who found his moral compass wouldn’t let him act on the president’s orders, I wanted to learn more.

With Phillip Drake, there IS more. He’s also directly involved in rescuing girls and women from the sex trafficking industry. This is a huge issue, because it’s happening right here - no matter where you are - it’s happening around you. And, because of what he knows and because of what he believes, he’s put his hat in the ring to become the next U.S. President.

So, I’ve potentially interviewed the next president of the United States. Yes, a lot of things need to align for that to happen, but it’s possible. And I invite you to listen in to what Phillip Drake believes in and see if there’s anything you’d really push against. If nothing else, we’ve got some amazing leadership lessons woven throughout this content. I think this guy could actually bring people together over a conversation, not a shouting match. And look, you don't have to agree with everything he says. I don't agree with 100% of everything that my best friend says. But I listen. And if any other presidential candidate wants to be interviewed on my show, I’d entertain the idea.

Here’s Phillip Drake’s story:
After being involved in spying on U.S. Citizens under the Office of the Inspector General, he had his son five years ago and his perspective and values changed. He notes becoming a man of principles and integrity.

This interview takes place on his family farm in South Carolina and he notes that he was taught to do the right thing and noted that the world isn’t always fair.

In terms of politics, Phillip notes that we need to really work with people. Big companies and government organizations are entities. And entities have no feelings. Agents are extensions of entities and we need to ensure that agents can actually act on behalf of The Constitution.

Phillip makes no bones about some of the things that are wrong in this country: “The school system is a joke! We’re not taught history correctly. Nor were we taught about The Constitution correctly.” Separately he emphasizes, “The Constitution is the law of the land!” But who really knows what it says?

In terms of running for president, Mr. Drake notes that it’s not something he necessarily wants to do, but it’s something he feels he has to do!

Leadership lessons:
     •    Stay Curious - Phillip decided to run for president then decided to learn what it would
          take to do that. He never stops learning.
     •    Go for your goals - there will be obstacles, but your passion for the outcome will help you
           overcome the obstacles.
     •   Just communicate! So simple, yet so hard to do!

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