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Interview with Tim Adams

Just imagine what you can learn from an elite coach for professional NFL and NHL players! Here’s Coach Tim Adams (search all the socials for him as @CoachTimAdams) and in this episode of OneSharpSword, we reveal something that our respective teams didn’t even know we were dreaming up.

Starting as many do, with meager means in a small town then moving and growing up in Colorado, joining the AirForce, and then blowing out his knee twice, Tim found that he could help others elevate their skills.

He said that Curiosity (yayyyy - a pet word of mine) and Exuberance allowed him to seek out some of the highest level coaches out there and learn from them, thereby elevating his ability to help others.

After a life upheaval, he did a full on retooling, shedding what no longer belonged in his life. (Such parallels for me in his story, which is why I wanted him on the program and why we’re working on a project together.) He said that originally, lack was his driving force. Now, he feels called. I call that listening to the whispers and being pulled from your heart.

Tim looks at the Somatic Emotional bridge and sees where high achievers can experience more in their lives. And in our discussion, we noted that “more” sometimes means living more simply.

He spoke of the traumas that some people have endured and I noted that we’re all exposed to microtraumas throughout the day. His point was that we don’t have to get to chaos in order to make a change.

Shortcuts? Sure - doing the right work IS the shortcut.

For self care consider these three steps:
      1)  Stop and listen. Just… listen.
      2)  Walk! Get outside and move. Feel the sense of your body in locomotion.
      3)  Connect with your body. Connect with nature. Connect with someone else.

And the big surprise reveal is that Tim and I are working on a small-group exclusive experiential two (or three) day program. It’s called the Exponential Success™ Experiment, since Tim and I haven’t worked together as a team before, but we bring so much high level work from different directions. It’s going to be an amazing few days together. Look for it in a few months and find out more, here: www.ExponentialSuccessExperiment.com

Find Tim everywhere @CoachTimAdams or [email protected]
If you’re interested in joining us at the Exponential Success Experiment, reach out to me at [email protected]


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