Interview with Victoria Pelletier

We covered A LOT in this brief episode!
Born to an abusive, drug addicted mother, Victoria didn’t have the easiest start. But resilience is her theme and she notes that “growth comes from sitting in discomfort.”

From studying psychology with the intention to go into law to actually getting into the corporate world and recruited to oversee operations, she’s only grown and given since!

Calling herself a Multi-Potentialite, she says she has her hands in many buckets. And that she does - from high level consulting to sitting on boards and becoming the CEO of her own company, Victoria is definitely IN it.

Take away concepts:
      •   Business is done by being known, liked, and trusted.
      •   Eminence - your unique subject matter - is important to harness
      •   Define your difference, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
      •   Lean into what you want to be known for, your legacy
      •   Build it NOW, Curate, Pivot, and Change!

Rich lessons here.
Reach out to Victoria on all social and via her website:



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