Interview with Darryl Stickel

What is THE key ingredient to making anything happen in a relationship, at home, at work, or in the world? That ingredient is TRUST.

We are so fortunate to have Dr Darryl Stickel, the world’s foremost expert on the topic of TRUST join us for this podcast. This one ranks among the top 1% of my personal favorites, by the way. Why? Because the information offered here permeates EVERYTHING we do.

Like so many, Darryl didn’t have an easy start. Coming from a rough and rugged town in British Columbia, Darryl learned to stick up for others in the face of bullies. He also learned that he was protected as well. But his path wasn’t that easy. He became legally blind along the way and, in an altercation on the hockey ice, Darryl was beaten badly by a “fan” with a stick.

Key ingredients to this podcast:

     •  We interpret the world through stories; so what stories do you feed?
     •  How do you gain a sustainable competitive advantage over any competition?
                  ○ You build sustainable long term relationships!
     •  Trust becomes the “social lubricant” as it helps bring out imagination, creativity, and productivity.
     •  The Equation: Perceived Uncertainty X Perceived Vulnerability = RISK
                  ○ How likely is it I’ll be harmed X How badly will it hurt = RISK
     •  These are in your power to change the Trust Balance in the relationship:
                 ○ Benevolence - demonstrating you have the others’ best interest at heart
                 ○ Integrity - your actions that demonstrate follow-through on your word
                 ○ Ability - can you actually DO what you said you’d do
                 ○ Context - what is the nature of the engagement, where are you, with whom, etc.
     •  If Uncertainty is high, it’s likely that Vulnerability will be lower (you - or the other -
        will feel a need for self-protection)
     •  Leadership Mistake: Cling to the old out of fear of making a mistake.
                ○ Antidote: Lean into learning the new
                         ◘ Share your responses to when you make mistakes
     •  Create a shared narrative
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