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Interview with Sandra Gonzalez

What does a retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer know about having tough, sexy confidence? Well, Sandra Gonzalez lives it, speaks about it, and teaches it.

During our interview, Sandra shared how her father influenced her to go into the military and how she fell in love with the Marines. As a woman, she had to prove herself over and over. That got her to be tough, internally. During this interview, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she’s as much of a badass as she is.

Through some tough times of divorce, death, and debt (a bad divorce followed by the loss of her father each of which cost her dearly) she realized that internal resilience will see her through. She notes, there aren’t losses, only beautiful lessons.

She now teaches high-level entrepreneurs how to take command of any room they walk into.

Requisites:  You have to want to grow.
                    You have to have a warrior’s mindset to shift past obstacles and open to
                    Battle the inner critic and the voices of uncertainty
                    Give yourself compassion

She says, just believe, “I’m going to be okay.”

Find Sandra at
And on IG @CoachSandraGonzalez


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