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Interview with David Achata

David Achata is a leadership coach and management consultant. He’s a soft-spoken, reflective extrovert who loves hiking and mountain biking.

Rather than traditional college, David pursued the path of spending a decade in pastoral ministry.

He found that saying YES to opportunities paved the way for him. As he’s opened to authenticity, he’s learning about and leading others in showing the True Self vs. The False Self (sometimes the one that’s more public if alignment and maturity aren’t present).

His history made him overly responsible and feeling like he needed to create control around everything and now he embodies being able to approach situations with open hands vs. those that grasp and end up with nothing.

His new book is Executive Retreats for Busy Business Leaders, though it’s relevant to everyone. A few concepts stand out -

  • Go Away Alone
  • Go Away with a Guide
  • Go Away with Your Team
  • Go Away with Your Family (to which I’d add, get time away with your partner)

Doing this - getting away - will help you find your Vision (and your shared vision).

David reminds us to create a life that you have energy for.

Find David Achata on all the social platforms and at www.AchataCoaching.com


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