Interview with Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony helps us understand how to sell more without pushing a sale, but rather by simply being authentic. Recognizing that sales isn’t about foisting something on someone, but actually helping the other person by solving a problem for them, we enter the magical world of collaboration. Collabradabra!

When Peter joined IBM and was sent to sales training, he found that his curiosity overrode what he was taught. While his supervisors weren’t pleased with his style of selling by actually finding out about the other person, they couldn’t argue with his results.

Peter now helps organizations grow by helping them collaborate internally and externally.

As so many of my guests discuss, we touched on alignment as a topic. Spend time talking with team members, find out about them, tell them about yourself and your values. Peter notes that the quality of your relationships is based on the quality of your conversations. He also points out that conversations are like playing a game, which wouldn’t be any fun if only one person had a turn.

Meaning in your work is found when you think of the end user.

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