Interview with Mark Ashby

Meet a super under-stated bad-ass!

Mark Ashby is an Australian who was in the special forces and did some exceptionally covert ops. He did numerous tours in Iraq and he helped ensure the completion of some high-end projects. This is vague, on purpose.

With all of that said, when we spoke after this recording, he teared-up a bit talking about the 911 monument in New York. There’s a gentle humanity that comes through and you would never suspect that his background was one of special operations.

He said that returning to school at 48 y/o was a bit intimidating for him. But what did he study? Yeah, he got his Masters in Counter Terrorism.

He now engages in leadership development.

Huge take away points:

  • We all have our issues, it doesn’t matter who you are.
  • You’ve got to learn to stay calm under pressure.
    • Remember that in business, it’s not like someone is going to get blown up if you leave a task undone overnight.
  • Stay human; don’t forget who you are and where you came from. No matter your rank or position, you’re still human. Relate to others that way.
  • While connection is human, emotions need to come out of decision making.
  • As a leader, your job is to bring out the best of the talented people right in front of you.
    • Talk with them! Learn about them. Build trust together.
  • Keep learning - in order to be ready, you’ve got to keep training every day.

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