Interview with Bryan Gillette

Bryan Gillette uses his experience as an ultra-distance athlete as a foundation for his work in leadership development.

The lessons are simple, but not always easy.

  • Build Communication (but what kind, and how?)
  • Humanize (should be easy enough, so why isn’t it happening?)
  • Engage cross-functional teams
  • Stay curious
    • This, of course, is a favorite topic of mine. After the show, I showed Bryan the Curious George monkey that I’ll bring to events. The little stuffed guy sparks conversation to which I’ll note that when you stay curious, you cannot be in judgment.
      • Curious George has been on stages with me and in small group settings so much that when I show up to do a training, someone will inevitably ask where he is!
    • Dealing with change requires knowing that everything in your life had a new origin for you at some point. There was a time you hadn’t done it before and now it’s a part of your life.
    • Focus on a bigger purpose.
    • Think EPIC Performances
      • Envision the future
      • Plan to achieve it
      • Iterate to the plan (and don’t aim for perfection)
      • Collaborate along the way
      • And Perform it - Act on what you’ve created.

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