Interview with Miriam Schulman

What do you do when you want to pursue art and you recognize a need to make money? Head to Wall Street! There, Miriam faced trials of having to prove her worth, doing so by making herself visible.

Several leadership lessons reveal themselves as Miriam talked about how she approached her climb on Wall Street and her love of art. One of these focuses on guerilla marketing and getting yourself in the place where your customers are!

Art gives people meaning (as people bring meaning to the art they experience). Become visible or known; move people. Let them experience who you are and what you stand for.

What stops you from standing up and standing out is fear - fear of being rejected. And that’s an anti-survival tactic. Miriam reminds us that brains evolved for survival, not achievement, and that we need to be able to push past the basics of survival in order to truly achieve. Push past fear. You deserve to be seen and heard.

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