Interview with John Mendez

John’s bio makes him look like he’s got decades beyond his 21 years. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has been a realtor and investor, coming out of the projects to make his life different from his early start. He learned from others, seeing who was a NON-Role Model for him and choosing another path.

His focus is on teaching and lifting others to see beyond their current circumstances and in this podcast you’ll hear how he encourages entrepreneurs to dream.

Steeped in curiosity, he pushes the audience to take responsibility noting that once you’re at an age to make decisions, your choices and your life falls on you.

He quotes early philosophers and mindset coaches noting that his quest is to continue to learn and in turn enlighten others. Continuing to push toward an ever-moving horizon line, he notes that the thing I have to break through was built by me. We can all take a lesson here.

Find more about him at find his podcast by the same name, and download a free gift at


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