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Interview with Myles Wakeham

Myles Wakeham is the kind of guy I’d love to sit with to enjoy a beer and share life’s philosophies. He’s understated, not loud, but has a simmering wisdom that he shares openly if you’re willing to absorb it.

Growing up in Australia, the son of talented concert musicians, he learned about patterns of waves and music and has applied that knowledge to a grander perspective in the world.

When he was younger, he was writing code for early computers. He saw a need and began to shop his skills out, landing programming projects for the government. He notes having learned a lot from the ocean and that in life, you need to see what’s coming and just be ahead of the waves so that those waves you paddle out to meet can carry you forward.

It’s so simple, but really it’s not easy. Myles encourages us to move beyond fear and look for polarities - the opposites in situations - and to look for patterns, as well. You can get stuck in fear or greed or seeking dominance. Or, you can step into empathy and seek a broader perspective about any situation.

Really, Myles’ comments were simply music to my ears. He notes that time is the most important commodity and that each of us needs to commit to doing our best in each moment.

And he hints at our culture leaning into tech and cautions that we need to be aware of who is serving whom, suggesting that while tech is a great tool, we need to get back to our organic selves. And he leaves us with these key points:

  • Do something of value that serves other humans
  • Do something meaningful that hones your talent

For more on Myles, please go to https://www.BeUnconstrained.com


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