Interview with Ann Hince

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Ann Hince had a rough start as a child. From leg issues needing physical therapy at birth to being given up for adoption to finding her mother, dead, on the bathroom floor at 19… it wasn’t an easy way to eek into adulthood.

As the title of one book says, The Body Keeps The Score, it’s not a surprise that Ann had to uncover the trauma to let go of it. She notes holding onto fear and feeling easily triggered into reacting.

That is, until she was introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques (the original EFT) or what’s known as “Tapping.” Ann invites us to consider that emotions are energy and that we need to feel and acknowledge them vs. express or suppress them. Just notice the physical sensations of emotions. Doing so helps you find your truth in each moment. Accept and release!

Gain perspective on past trauma. Allow it to become a story without an emotional anchor. Explore and life becomes a fun journey.

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