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Interview with Fred Moskowitz

None of today’s episode is intended as financial or investment advice or counsel, nor are any promises made for returns on investments. Rather, what is presented is intended, as always, to spark inspiration and deep thought.

What an investment fund manager can teach us about our future is HUGE. Beginning with how we ended the podcast, the nuggets you’ll hear here include:

  • Invest in YOURSELF - Get coaching, study the things you want to learn more about (including investing). Essentially, set aside time and money for your personal and professional growth.

We learned that ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS, not just leaving your retirement to a 401(k). Time and money freedom are possible sooner than you might think. But that requires some concentrated effort on your part.

Think about owning:

  • Real Estate
    • Including vacation properties at locales that you want to visit
    • Rights and Royalties
    • Small Business(es)
    • Mortgage Notes
      • Among other alternatives

While not right for everyone, I’m personally interested in how fractional ownership in a “real estate syndicate” works. Buy in works the same for mortgage note investing.

→ Being a part owner of a big fund allows you to become a part of something larger than yourself.

“Safe” investing includes single family homes in desirable locations

“Riskier” investments include buying into properties in need of work (i.e. flipping)

Look for opportunities.

Hang out with people who are doing this kind of thing.

Join real estate investment groups.


Check out Fred’s book: The Little Green Book of Note Investing

Find Fred Moskowitz at www.FredMoskowitz.com

www.GiftFromFred.com to download his free note investing guide

Or text the word MONEY to 215-461-4433


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