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Interview with Jerry Fu

From Pharmacist to Conflict Resolution Coach, Jerry Fu brings us some great leadership lessons.

In this podcast, you’ll hear how Jerry Fu challenged the path he was expected to take, pursued his own path in becoming a pharmacist and then realized his true calling. He challenged himself and us, the audience, to consider the questions of:

- What if I could be a good leader?

- How much longer will I put off this dream?

He notes that dancing salsa requires leadership and that it takes years to get good at it. The transferable skills are that it teaches you to think on your feet and that you need a willingness to lead.

A witticism he offers is, no plan survives reality, which is a way of saying that when you make plans, you need to be flexible.

Jerry has a formula for conflict resolution and my interpretation of that plan is that you need to start with a desired outcome in mind, engage in working agreements with the other person and step into eight to ten seconds of courage. Use the 24-hour rule, which is if you put things off, you need to act within 24 hours, but if you’re kind of a hot-head, you need to wait for 24-hours before you jump in to respond.

Jerry suggests creating a script and rehearsing what you’ll say plus the various responses you might offer to multiple possible retorts. And then follow through.

Become an advocate for the person you’re in conflict with and ask for permission to have a discussion/conversation.

Gold Nugget: Failure doesn’t mean you’re done. It means you’re not done!

Practice finesse vs. force.

Find out more and download Jerry’s plan for conflict resolution at www.AdaptingLeaders.com/guide


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