Interview with Edwin Carrion

What can a guy who was tossed in jail for stealing rims teach us about business?

This guy is a decorated Marine and a multi-millionaire. He’s a mentor to business owners. And he can teach us all A LOT.

Edwin Carrion had dreams.

He followed those dreams.

His attitude when challenges arose: “Let me make the best of it.”

Listen to this episode to learn about Edwin’s amazing story.

Remember to create four key areas of financial stability for yourself:

  1. Cash Flow - some business needs to be paying you
  2. Wealth Creation - this is your legacy fund to provide security and generational wealth as a foundation for the future.
  3. Passive Income - For some, this is vending machines. For others like Edwin, it’s the gold market.
  4. Provide a service - Edwin’s is business mentoring, teaching entrepreneurs how to scale and even how to invest in real estate.

Edwin points out that you can aim for having nice things, but what really matters are the experiences you create with those nice things.

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