Interview with Danielle Matthews

With a degree in biology from Univ. of VA, Danielle Matthews was on a path to make a difference in the world. That path was quite literally knocked off track when a drunk driver hit Danielle’s car in a head-on collision. Danielle was 23 at the time.

Living with trauma-induced brain fog, Danielle searched for a path back to health. Traditional medicine only took her so far.

Between Meditation, Acupuncture, and ASEA products, her health and focus improved dramatically. Her story is incredible and the take-aways include:

  • When you’re meditating and when you’re lost in thought, just notice, don’t engage
  • Notice what triggers you and how you choose to path of making yourself miserable
  • Consider this equation for a better life:
    • External World + Internal Response = Your Personal Reality
      • That means, be deliberate in how you choose your internal response
  • Remember:
    • I am not my thoughts
      • I can choose how to react or respond
      • I can choose to lead my own mind
  • You get to create your world from the inside out
  • Ask: What is this challenge making possible for me?
  • Engage in the NOW by doing, for no reason, no attachment to outcome. Draw, paint, etc.

Dive into this episode to learn about the technology of repair, how electron transfer works FOR you, and what role your expectations play.

Find Danielle on IG at @_DanielleMatthews_

(note the underscore before and after her name)

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