Interview with Blaine Oelkers

Known as the Chief Results Officer, Blaine Olkers gets people to think differently so that they can get more positive outcomes in their lives!

Blaine’s purpose is to help people take care of their lives by taking care of themselves.

Today’s episode highlights WYTAYBA - What you think about, you bring about. So get very clear about your thinking, what you allow in and what you must filter out.

Blaine notes that “You’re a Habit Master!” So, what habits do you want to create for yourself (and which ones do you want to eliminate)?


  • Habit Linking
  • Surf the Urge (use the momentum that’s there)
  • Track (use metrics)
  • Leverage Accountability for Reward or Punishment
  • Win early; Win often - start your days with a win and you’ll be setting yourself up to win throughout the day!

Hack the Headtrash - The solution to pollution is dilution, so pour in the positive!!!

To create a positive habit, dial down the resistance. To eliminate a negative one, give yourself 10-20 seconds of resistance.

For more, please check out Blaine Oelkers’ TEDx talk at

Choose the lens that you use to view your life. (Make it positive.)


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