Exponential Success Summit April 28 and 29 in Hollywood, CA

Interview with Donnie Boivin

From dwarf goat farmer to business success coach… Donnie Boivin (pronounce Bo-veen) has what it takes to get s**t done.

Donnie is all about Business Freedom. He lives it and he teaches it. Here are some of the key lessons from our conversation today:

  • You’ve got to get free of employee-mindset thinking
  • You’ll come face-to-face with yourself; when that happens, you’re on the way to freedom
  • You MUST take ownership of your life.
  • Become Accountable vs. Blameful (I made that one up! Donnie liked it!)
  • Business setbacks aren’t failures, they’re to remind you to get new skills.
  • Logic might tell you to quit. You’ve got to be more stubborn than logic.
  • Again, when you get to those hard moments, you’ve got to remember that you’re in Skill Acquisition Mode!
  • YOU HAVE TO BE THE CHAMPION OF YOUR LIFE. No one else can do that for you!

Connect and get some free downloadable information at https://donnieboivin.com/


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