Interview with Nick Gray

Why would you want to join or host a 2-hour cocktail party?

Because as adults, it’s harder to make friends. And the key to getting even just a few more friends is to build your acquaintances. Friendships come out of acquaintances.

Networking events are traditionally transactional (and not conducive to building relationships). Invite those you meet to a 2-hour (time restricted and structured) cocktail party. Hosting is a gift!

Share some bios of the people who’ll be attending to build interest.

Add structure.

N - Name tags put everyone on the same level and interrupt cliques.

I - Ice-breaker: what’s your name, what kind of work you do, and what’s your go-to breakfast.

C - Cocktails only - light snacks are okay. The intent is to keep it all light; no it’s not a dinner party.

K - Kick ‘em out. There’s an end time. Wind it up after two hours.

Do a quick intro ice-breaker for the early arrivals. Do an ice-breaker when the party has started. Allow for mix and mingle.

Do another structured engaging ice-breaker part way into the evening to shake things up a bit. Having structure allows for those less confident to feel safe in engaging with others. It provides for the intention of mixing and gives the excuse to meet each other.



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