Interview with Vinnie Potestivo

This show was recorded during some storms and the internet was unstable. The freezes were beyond my control and the interview was too important to scrap. Jump in, you’ll see why!

Every so often you meet someone who you just can’t wait to talk to again. Vinnie Postesive is one of those exceptionally special people. He’s a man who simply brings out the best in others. He’s an Emmy-Award winning media advisor, a podcast host, an author, former MTV executive producer, and more than that, he’s a really great human.

We covered A LOT on our show today. Here are some key points:

  • Levity breaks barriers (and brings lightness to the darkest moments)
  • Transparency is a trigger word for TV - letting people in allows people to come in
  • Clarity from the outset is important! Vin says, “the input dictates the output.”
  • Start - Vinnie says know where to start. I’d modify that by saying know where you are so that you can start. Take inventory.
  • Don’t do it alone - get support
  • Creating is both internal and external
  • Get clear about your goal
    • Follow the Pain-Drain-Gain path
    • Focus on Who, not How
    • Take inspired action!

Vinnie Potestivo’s superpowers include making you more shareable.

Follow him on LinkedIn at: and explore VPE.TV/hub


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