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Interview with Wendy Nash

Wendy Nash reminds us to observe. Personally, I enjoyed having Wendy on the show since her message is so similar to mine and yet her approach is quite different. And that, my friends, is what makes the world go ‘round. From meditation and mindfulness to parking the ego and distractions, you’ll find good nuggets to ponder in our conversation. Listen in as Wendy addresses the concepts of meditation, ego, and compassion. Ride along as she explains the difference between compassion and “idiot compassion.” Enjoy Wendy’s take on kindness (and I chime in about the difference between “nice” and “kind.”) And be sure to reach out to Wendy at www.KindlyCutTheCrap.com Thank you for listening to One Sharp Sword! Be sure to also check out Wednesdays With Wayne for quick, fun, and inspirational mid-week reading. www.WaynePernell.com/blog


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