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Interview with Zach White

What can a top-talent Purdue graduate, mechanical engineer teach us about living fully? A lot. Meet Zach White whose story of how his climb for career success led to an implosion in the rest of his life. 


The lessons are clear for each of us - 

Along the way you’ll learn how humanity wins.


Success doesn’t come when you try to get smarter and work harder. Yes, learn. No, don’t work harder. Work to become better. 


Beware of the danger of isolation. Everyone has something going on. What’s happening in your life isn’t something to shut yourself off from the world about. Shame is something you are perpetuating in yourself. Other people care. Reach out. 


Burnout doesn’t happen in a moment. It happens over time as you burn more fuel than you’re receiving. You have to replenish your stores; fill up your tank so that you can give again. 


Find Zach at www.TheHappyEngineerPodcast.com where you can learn more about him and his work on The Oasis of Courage.


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