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Interview with David Neagle

Exceptionally honored to have my personal mentor and coach, David Neagle, join me on my podcast. I’ve always said that great coaches have great coaches for the sake of gaining greater perspective and because of my trust and willingness, David’s guidance has quite literally changed my life. He’s a speaker and highly sought advisor for entrepreneurs, focusing on mindset and business processes, why I found such synergy in working with him. HIs story is nothing short of amazing. I introduced him as a “dead man” and high school drop out (an introduction that probably surprised him). David quit high school at 17 y/o in 1984. A high-school drop out, he worked at McDonald’s, UPS, and a warehouse. He joined the Army and after 1 year came home and got married. With no education or skills, he was invited by a family member to begin selling life insurance. After the bottom dropped out of the market, the bottom dropped out of his business and he found himself floundering a bit. It was during a family vacation that his life changed when he got sucked into a dam, a place where several people had died in previous years. Miraculously, he survived. But… he had a chip on his shoulder and it wasn’t for another couple of years that he hit bottom. Listen in to learn how he bounced back and became the multi-millionaire advisor to entrepreneurs and business leaders. Remember these two things as you listen in: First, act like you love what you do, show up, and do your best. And remember, no one changes without a reason to change. Visit www.LifeIsNowInc.com for more. Thank you for listening to One Sharp Sword! Be sure to also check out Wednesdays With Wayne for quick, fun, and inspirational mid-week reading. www.WaynePernell.com/blog


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