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Sick of Being Grateful

I’m not cynical. It’s just this time of year, gratitude seems to feel forced. Personally, I wake up annoyingly perky with “thank you” as the first two words to escape my lips. We don’t need a day for this. We need to decide what or who is in and what or who is out of our circle. Recognize the small stuff. Acknowledge yourself. Take a breath. Celebrate in your own way. I’m grateful for you! If you’re interested in exponential growth for yourself, personally and professionally, do yourself a favor and check out my signature small-group intensive - - http://ExponentialSuccessSummit.com Thank you for listening to One Sharp Sword! Be sure to also check out Wednesdays With Wayne for quick, fun, and inspirational mid-week reading. www.WaynePernell.com/blog


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