Exponential Success Summit February 24 & 25 in Napa

Will I Do It?

We all have so much on our plates and to-do lists, that it’s important to keep that question at the forefront of your mind as you take on something new. Will I Do It? Or, might it just feel like something fun to entertain? I have started so many programs and books with the best of intentions and, when it comes down to “will I do it,” the answer is no. No, I won’t actually do it. And when I make that decision, I cut myself free from something that began to feel like an obligation. If the answer is “yes!” then the next question is “when?” - and that means pulling out my calendar and putting THE thing on the calendar in a given time slot that doesn’t compete with anything else. Cool, right? If you’ve got something on your to-do list that’s rolled over multiple times, then either delegate it, do it, or take it off of your list. It’s just that simple! Keep making your magic. See you here next week. Check out http://ExponentialSuccessSummit.com = Wayne =


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