Interview with David Chametzky

Episode #78

I met our guest, David Chemetzky, on the road to the TEDx stage. Through masks and over meals, we got to know each other and his message of rising up from the ashes speaks to us all. Dave has been through divorce and found his way back from what could have been a truly self-destructive path. 

Now he offers us his P.A.T.H – a formula standing for Personal Attitudes Towards Happiness.

Dave shares his stories of rebound and how he came to the term Cluberty™ to define the transition people go through on the way to getting a bigger clue about their lives.  Our past doesn’t define our present or future. We get to!

David is the founder of Peace, Love, and Bring a Bat – it’s his way of saying that you can find your passion AND take a stand for something.  

He can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

He’s offering a free copy of his interview in Success Profiles magazine where he gives tips on finding your passion and standing up for what you believe.  He believes in the power of proximity, being around the right people, and he invites you to reach out!

[email protected] or at

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