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Interview with James Barrood

Episode #157

Jim’s job is unusual. He leads teams of innovators to continue to innovate. He has created an innovation ecosystem, nurturing ideas and building bridges.


In our interview, he highlights that entrepreneurship is about:

  • Staying open-minded and continuing your lifelong learning
  • Building and nurturing relationships, whether your team or your advisors
  • Leading by being a good person with good values 


He repeatedly advised that, as a leader, you need to get a coach.


Get a coach!


I underscored that to focus on the idea of, "who do I need to become to lead a company that is growing?"


The easiest part of an entrepreneur’s day: celebrate your team members!


Jim also advises over-communicating so that your message is received and focusing on your health, both physical and mental, as a role model. 


Reach out to someone - on your team or beyond, just ask, “how are you doing?”


He invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesbarrood/ 


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