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The Filter of Excellent Over Expensive

What’s the actual cost of “expensive?” Because you really have to ask yourself, compared to what?


That’s expensive… 

You don’t need that… 

That’s not who you are… 

Who do you think you are, wanting to have or do that?

Those are other people’s voices that no longer need to haunt you. They taught you to keep in your “place.” Don’t be needy and don’t want for yourself. Don’t be selfish, for goodness sake.


The thing is, you can’t give or serve others more greatly if you’re not investing in yourself.


So who are you NOT to have or want nice things?

The question really is twofold:

  1. What’s the cost?
  2. Will it enhance your life now and/or in the future?


Rule out ego. You don’t need designer clothes so that you fit in. You might want designer clothes because they fit and feel better than some lesser brands. That’s excellence. And it’s a choice.


Filter for excellence. 

Filter for enhancing your life now and in the future.


Step into new clothes, new meals, new books, and even new mentorship.

Invest in yourself for now and in the future.


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= Wayne = 


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