You’re kind of bold

wednesdays with wayne Oct 16, 2019

Depending on where you’re from, that statement, “You’re kind of bold,” can be construed as a compliment or as a condemnation.  Personally, being bold is a driver for me. I grew up playing safe and making nice. I grew up making sure everyone else was okay and that no one felt badly.  I grew up going along to get along.

And my gift was stifled.  

It wasn’t until my mid-forties that I gave myself permission to begin a journey of true “becoming” and full self-expression.  

How many of us play it small so as not to attract attention or offend anyone?  How many times have you decided not to speak up because, well, you might look bad or even be seen as stupid?  That judgment can come at home, at work, in social groups, or even online.

Heck, there is no shortage of people who will judge you openly.  And that’s too bad because the world needs your voice! What would have happened if, in that class you took you actually gave an opinion?  What would have happened if, during dinner, you actually shared what you were thinking even if it made you or others uncomfortable to have an opinion that wasn’t popular?  What would have happened if you acted on that crazy idea that you had a few years back?  

Could you have made the world a better place?

Your world if not THE world?

And you might have stumbled.  You might have even failed. And you might have learned so that you could risk more wisely.  That’s what life is about – a really, fully-expressed life.

Oh, and there’s a huge difference between confidently sharing something that matters to you and being arrogant.  If you’ve got a talent, dare to share it. If you’ve got an idea, dare to share it. If you’re passionate about it, you don’t need permission.  And if you’ve shared something that other people don’t get, just understand that not everyone is going to be on board with you – AND THAT INCLUDES FAMILY AND CLOSE FRIENDS.  

Not everyone will understand your newfound voice, standing up for what you believe in, or taking action on the things that actually matter to you.  And that’s okay. Keep going. Your voice and your actions aren’t always for them.  

You’re here to deliver your best with confidence.  You’re here to be your best. And you have permission to be bold about it.

Here’s something I’ve been letting other people in on and I’ll be doing an amazing launch soon:  It’s BOLD, but it’s far from arrogant. And it’s this – I’m starting a movement. Isn’t that a wonderfully bold statement?  In doing some public speaking around the country, I’ve found that people really resonate with my message. Everyone would agree with the idea that we need to be more kind to each other.  That’s important and not necessarily profound. What’s amazing is that, as a movement, if we unify our thinking, we can each take responsibility for uplifting the life of others, one person at a time.

This movement blends mindfulness with kindness.  It begs the question of what you have done today to make a difference in the life of another human.  Did you notice the eye color of the cashier? Did you read the name badge of the server at the restaurant or housekeeper at your hotel?  And did you call them by name? When was the last time you smiled at someone for the sake of getting a smile back?  



It Starts With One… just you!

The ripple effect is huge because you’re making a difference in the lives of people you’ve never met and aren’t likely to meet.  If you make a difference, human-to-human, in the life of the next person you see, you could change their trajectory for the better.  When that happens, their friends and family benefit. It’s a true gift of positivity.  

Is this woo-woo?  Is this too fluffy for you?  You probably need to gain some deeper mindfulness because as a leader, your team needs you to show up differently and your family needs you to show up more present.  I’m not saying that you need to be jolly all the time. Nope. I’m saying that instead of condemning or judging, you could be uplifting.  

Watch your productivity and profits rise when you create a culture of caring.  

Hey, there are a couple of concepts here:

  1. Dare to be bold and confident with your ideas
  2. Engage in a way that lifts others, human-to-human, recognizing that the benefits of doing so extend further and wider than you’ll know.

All of this

It starts with you!

Check out 

Let’s go!!!

When I say, “Keep Making Your Magic,” that’s what I’m talking about!  Yep, it #StartsWithOne

~ Dr P ~

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