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wednesdays with wayne Dec 12, 2018
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You overcome multiple obstacles daily and, in doing so, you have developed strengths that have gotten you through.  Congratulations… Yes, there’s more.

Leaders become GREAT leaders because they continue to build character.  Leaders who reach a level of success and stop working on themselves, fail.  They fail themselves, in the process letting down their organizations, their families, and their community.

Your character isn’t something that stops needing work.  The person that you see that is a man or woman of good character isn’t born that way.  Character is chosen by every decision, every single day.  

Your choice to engage on a particular path for your products or services says a lot about you.  Your choice in how you communicate that to your prospects, your current clientele, and your colleagues says a lot about you.  How you engage with your family pet before engaging with your family member as you come home at the end of the day… yeah, that says a lot about you.  

The message of this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne is short and sweet:

  • Pay attention to your choices
  • Communicate their link to your personal and professional values
  • Make your actions congruent to what you’re communicating

Act and communicate in alignment with your values

This is harder than it looks and great leaders have fallen or lost their luster because they’ve forgotten the basics.  

This week, as we approach ever closer to the frenzied end-of-year activities, pay attention to what matters.  Communicate it. Act accordingly.

Continue to hone the craft of decision-making and communication.  Acting in alignment with that is real influence. That’s a cornerstone of leadership.  Continue to develop YOU.

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Keep Making Your Magic™!  

See you here next week!

~ Dr P ~


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