Your “inconvenient” dream

wednesdays with wayne Jul 03, 2019

Hey!  Did you notice that it’s July???

This is not a “gosh, where did the time go?” post.  Nope. This Wednesdays With Wayne is your shake-up, wake-up reminder.   

Just six months ago, we all celebrated the New Year.  Yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

You had wishes and desires.
You had hopes.

And you had dreams: “This year!  This year…”  

What was supposed to happen this year?

You didn’t invest in yourself and your dreams became an inconvenient distraction from the day-to-day life you’re used to.  Your dream became an inconvenient distraction? “Yeah, someday I still want to…”

Ouch. You already know how fast the calendar pages turn.  So just where on your calendar is that “someday?”

This is not meant to make you feel bad.  I know that you’ve had a very busy and productive year.  I also know that you lost track. Your dream, something you’d treasure isn’t just an inconvenience or distraction from your daily life.  Your routine, the one you got comfortable in, is a distraction from your dream.

Mid-Year Check In – 

How are you doing in these key areas?

Health – (weight, diet, exercise, overall energy and vitality level)

Social – (connection to others, engagement & presence, level of influence in your world)

Financial – (the number matters less than the amount of freedom you have)

Spiritual – (whether your connection is to Nature or a higher being, how connected beyond yourself do you feel?)

Most people need a guide or a coach.  When you first start at the gym, you get a personal trainer.  Experts and high performers have outside help for the sake of perspective, accountability, and momentum toward a higher ambition.

Okay, you’ve got another six months left in this year.  

COACH’S QUESTION FOR YOU:  What three small steps will you take between now and the beginning of next week to get you back on track to your dream(s) and goals?

Yes!  Do THAT!

Keep making your magic and I’ll see you here next week!

~ Dr P ~


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